Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged for the first time! It’s great way to introduce yourself to other bloggers.
I got tagged by Joanna!

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Ok then, my seven random facts:

  1. I love to cross-stitch.
  2. I am a book whore. I have oodles of books, am always reading, and when friends & family see book sales I'm the first person they call.
  3. I like to color... especially in geometrical design coloring books.
  4. I have 6 tattoos. Well, mostly more like areas with tattoos. LOL
  5. I have a cat that weighs more than most infants.
  6. I love fairies.
  7. I hate brussel sprouts. I mean serious hate and loathing. They are disgusting and I'd like to kick whoever discovered them square in the shin. LOL

And here are 7 people I am tagging:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holy cow!

Has it really been almost a whole month since one of us has blogged? Yikes. Not good! 10 lashings with a wet noodle, or 10 laps around the house? You decide. ;)

Let's see... what has been going on since our last post? Luckily my camera hasn't been pooped on by a bird since our zoo trip. We've been out and about taking loads of pictures, playing around with Photoshop & especially with textures (they are fun!), watching the debates, and working hard.

I find that I get obsessions once in a while. Sometimes it's craving a certain food that I must have. Sometimes it's something new I hear about, like a new book, puzzle, or game. Other times it's something I want to try artistically. This time, it's the last example. I keep seeing the TTV style images and think they are wonderful, beautiful and unique. I've been doing some investigating and reading up about it online, so I think I'm ready to get out there and find some good cameras to use. While we're out and about this weekend, I think we may stop by some shops and see what we can find. If anyone has some pointers, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)