Sunday, September 7, 2008

... at the altar ...

Ok ... so Melissa and I decided to stop by Memorial Park last weekend to see if any good shots presented themselves in the rose gardens or around the memorial. We were both leaning over the flowerbeds … searching for the perfect angle … when we both, at the same moment, noticed that I was the only guy in the rose garden not wearing a tux and that Melissa was slightly underdressed compared to the other women who had, quite mysteriously, materialized nearby. It was a public park … no “reserved” signs anywhere and we WERE there first so they were being polite enough to not say anything to us. We, slightly embarrassed that we had been so focused on our project that we hadn’t noticed the wedding party arrive, quietly moved off to the outer edges of the gardens … sufficiently out of the way but still able to snap a few shots. So … it all worked out well … we got a few beautiful shots and witnessed the beginning of a hopefully wonderful marriage. The only negative, I would say, was this older guy … staring at my prosthetic leg. It’s not that I mind people looking or even asking about it … I mean I WAS wearing cargo shorts. What got me was his mannerisms and the intense look of what could only be thought of as disgust on his face. It was as if he was SO furious at me for having the audacity to lose a limb that he wanted to physically strike me. At first I was a little freaked out by it … then just found the idea hilarious … so I chuckled, made eye contact and smiled as I motioned “hi”. Ah … the joys of a good photo safari.


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Silver River Jewelry said...

Great sense of humor lol! I do wish that people were better educated about people who are a bit different (for whatever reason) or at least that they would have better manners! Good for your for turning something that could have been ugly into something amusing instead.